National and International Groupage service

We specialize in National and International Groupage Removal Services. It is a particular service offered by CUCCHIARALE Traslochi, allowing the combination of multiple removals in the same journey, thus enabling a significant cost savings. This involves combining various shipments with the same destination, halving transportation costs. This solution is perfect if you need to move all or part of your furniture within the national or international territory without requiring a specific date but within a certain time frame. CUCCHIARALE Traslochi has the perfect solution for you, allowing you to save more than you think.

European truck groupage service

Siamo specializzati in servizi di Trasloco Groupage We are specialized in Groupage services throughout Europe. We offer a bi-weekly transport service from Turin – Milan – Rome and the return Rome – Milan – Turin. Our service allows you to avoid requesting an ad hoc service, resulting in savings on relocation operations, thanks to the frequency with which this route is carried out. The itinerary is predetermined, ensuring reliable deliveries. The service, available immediately, manages all phases from booking to delivery. With bi-weekly transports, continuous shipments can also be planned, providing a versatile opportunity to move goods over long distances.

Bi-weekly transport service

Turin - Milan - Rome / Rome - Milan - Turin

International maritime groupage service

Our International Maritime/Air Groupage Removal Service provides a reliable and efficient solution for transporting goods worldwide. The International Maritime/Air Groupage Removal Service allows the consolidation of small/medium loads from various clients, optimizing the capacity of the container/air box and thus reducing shipping costs to a common destination.

With our global presence and a dense network of agents, we ensure comprehensive coverage for your International Maritime/Air Groupage Removal Service needs. The service includes all operational phases, such as load management, handling of export and import customs procedures, shipment monitoring and management to ensure timely and secure maritime delivery, and unloading phases. This solution also allows for significant cost savings.

Rely on us for an efficient, flexible, and tailored International Maritime/Air Groupage Removal Service that meets your specific needs.

Dedicated transport services

Turin - Brazil / Brazil - Turin

Shipping conditions

The terms of the removal are defined together with the customer, and the operations are carried out within 30 days from the collection of the goods, with a minimum notice of 5 days on the redelivery date. Also, for the groupage service as for all others, our customers will enjoy all the benefits offered by Cucchiarale Traslochi, including:

All risks insurance;

Full assistance;

Fulfilment of customs procedures.

Moving with us is always a great choice because with us you can carry out your entire removals process with the utmost calm.

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